Michael Richards Hasn’t Been Funny in 15 Years

My main computer is still down and out. I had to ship it back to the factory this morning. Sniff. I’ll be okay…. eventually. Sniff.

In the mean time, I make do on one of my cheap-ass backup computers, which is how I’m able to blog right now. Can’t do any high powered surfing or working, or have multiple windows open, so it limits my ability to syphon news for you in real time. In other words, I’m going to have to post shorter, leaner bloggisms until my baby comes back from the shop.

Have you all heard Michael Richards’s racial tirade on a comedy show? Here’s a clip of the disturbing incident, courtesy of Youtube:

I sense a trend here, of the mainstreaming of racism in Western society. Mel Gibson’s recent anti-semitic comments and the near-brilliant para-racism of the
Borat movie are further indicators of this trend. More to the point, the push by the far Right to make blatant anti- non-white comments and theories mainstream and acceptable has succeeded in making the type of tirade seen in the Richards clip almost acceptable, or at least unsurprising.

Speaking of which, is anyone surprised that the comments on the Western Standard Blogs have, to this point, been overwhelmingly in support of Richards’s perspective?

I leave you with the following pictorial evidence that –gasp!– Saddam has escaped: