My Bad

A whole week of no posts. Sigh. Starting your own business is more time consuming than you think! Also, I’d planned on writing part 2 of my Lancet post, then decided to write it in op-ed format, then…. oh never mind. Let’s just say some other things have got in the way.

So for those concerned that I fell off a cliff, here’s a place holder post…

We begin with the link you’ve all been waiting for, the Mother of all Daily Perv Links.

We move on to this article by Pat Buchanan in 2003, which now seems prescient in retrospect.

From EK Hornbeck comes this long-awaited mea culpa by uberhawk Richard Perle.

Hornbeck also sends us this unsurprising story about US Baptists spreading the disgusting lie that “Muslims are here to take over our country.” Who’s fomenting a war of civilizations again?

From the same source comes this frightening profile of Israel’s fastest rising political star, Avigdor Lieberman, a man who once threatened to bus thousands of Palestinians to the Dead Sea and drown them there.

Lastly, AG sends us this snippet of, um, wisdom from a Craigslist post. (Her commentary was, “This one almost made me pee my pants, but then I realized my vagina has been cut off so that would be very painful”):

"I have been away for a bit and I have noticed postings about Chinese, Eastern and Indians being rich. I agree they work hard: buy a house with four other families, live in it, and then buy more. Good system. I love the cuisine, music, crazy shit they get up too but I hate that so many want to bring their intolerance, violence, insane religious views (yes, we should allow the cutting off of a women’s vagina). We speak English and French. Which is cool. Why don’t you want to talk to us in the language of the country you chose was better than the one you left? Exams in Irdu? Canada is slim in the icon field. We have the Mounties and hockey. Please do not wear your turbine in the Musical Parade."

I leave you with some video snippets from my trip to Trinidad earlier in May. Gotta go clean my turbine for the musical parade…