Tired Brown Wat

I continue to neglect my precious blog. It’s not intentional, I assure you. See, after several days of battling viruses, my computer died this morning. Sniff. By the grace of Apollo and Indra, deities of data backup, I had miraculously backed up all my data just a couple of days ago, so I’m not too upset. Nevertheless, dealing with this hardware setback has occupied much of time, since the bloody thing is the core of my business.

So until I find a free moment to say something useful, here are some links:

Shaila sends us The Diwali Song from the TV show, The Office.

The same source sends us this fun article on US politicians’ predilection for writing bad, sexual prose.

Meanwhile, D-Mack sends us this about the war in Iraq. The graphic is especially telling.

EK Hornbeck points us toward a groundbreaking movie: Tired Black Man. Speaking of movies, I saw the Borat film. I haven’t laughed so hard in years. Sure it’s offensive, but no more so than the invasion of a country that hasn’t attacked you. Here’s the thing about the Borat movie that many 30% of the audience doesn’t get: it’s about a doofus who leaves a backward village of idiots only to find a bigger village filled with bigger, more dangerous idiots.

I leave you with one last thing from Shaila: see your name in Russian!