Cougars Are Scary

Here’s a pic of me and Dapper D. from the CRG Xmas party of last week. Note my flashy “Raywat” belt buckle, revealed for the first time at that event.

Well, my cold/flu is finally gone. So here I am up again at 5:30AM. Only a matter of days before I catch another cold. Knowing this, I took the opportunity to go out dancing Saturday night; my first time in years. (As a 30-something heterosexual male, dancing is not typically something I do, unless I’m trying to meet girls.) This is what I’ve learned from my return to the nightclub environment, after an absence of many years:

  1. Cougars are scary
  2. Big 80s hair is back
  3. Everyone has ADD these days, as songs don’t last longer than 26 seconds
  4. The job of bathroom attendant has seemingly not improved. (Not surprising, since bathroom activities and products have not changed.)
  5. Only idiots line up

That’s all I got…. for now!