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Maybe Buckleys Will Send Me A Cheque – deonandia

Maybe Buckleys Will Send Me A Cheque

Yes, I’m still sick… and blogging from Toronto, though I’m about to pop some pseudoephedrine hydrochloride and do the 5 hour drive back to Ottawa. So, once again, y’all get a brief post.

Just wanted to thank D-Mack for organizing the CRG Xmas party of last Friday, where I was the emcee stoned on cough medication. Check out the fake drunken pic, complete with requisite bottle of Buckley’s Cough Syrup:

The evening was a singing contest, with the extraordinary Alexander Korablin taking top prize for his spirited renditions of “Hello Dolly” and “La Bamba”. All photos stolen from the CRG Idol website.