Merry Xmas. Where Be Da Hos?

Who would have thought that Gerald Ford and James Brown would die on pretty much the same day? I wonder which one would be more discomfited by that fact.

So Merry Xmas and all that. From Richard E. comes this. Enjoy.

While we’re at it, from Samatha L. comes this game; it allows you to drop kick the singer of an indie punk band.

Meanwhile, Brad Parker’s latest blog post provides us with some home made Xmas music, tabla-style.

EK Hornbeck sends us the latest video screed from the Iron Sheik, this time on the topic of “Kraemer”‘s racist slip-up.

And Andrew sends us a link to the online version of one of our favourite 90s PC games.

OK. That’s enough for today. Back to overeating and watching TV…