The Next Prime Minister…

I took this photo a few months ago and have neglected to upload it until now. “Hummer for Him: $19.99.” Now that‘s a deal!

Speaking of photos, I’ve uploaded some more. Here are the publicly relevant ones:

1. Random photos from my life
2. This past year in Ottawa

Brother Bhash sends us this creepy footage of a military walking robot.

Cousin Ajay sends us this classic song from our youths… except it’s the Muppets version and not the original Sesame Street version!

The clock ticks down to the selection of a new leader for the Liberal Party, and thus a likely next Prime Minister of Canada. As safely predicted here months and months ago, Michael Ignatieff is the best pick for winner. But Bob Rae might just pull it off. Mind you, if neither one pulls it off in the first ballot, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kennedy or Dion snatch victory from the ether, possibly in a 3rd or 4th ballot. And if it does end up being Dion, then that sounds the death knell for the Liberals for the next 20 years.

But even though I’m still calling for a very slim Ignatieff victory, I would prefer Bob Rae to take the reins. And as the minutes tick by, it seems that Rae is pulling ever further to Iggy’s shoulder. It’s a horse race people.

Meanwhile, don’t forget my age-old Al Gore in 2008 prediction. It’s finding resonance here and here.