Before I forget, here’s a plug for a new blog by Stefanie S. called www.ch.aoti.ca. Happy birthday to both Shaila M. and my Hindi teacher, Dr. Kamlesh Gupta! And happy impending birthdays to Barb S., Nasty Nick B., Suzanne B., Sneh A., Urvi S. and Elvis P.

Well, I missed my chance to blog on the last day of 2006 ’cause I was too busy having a life. So I will use this first post of 2007 to cover some traditional ground, to look back at 2006. Sorry folks, this one will be a mostly personal post.

In 2006:

  • The funniest joke I heard was: “Did you know that bowling is the oldest sport in the world? It dates back to when we only had three fingers.”
  • Yet another recent ex-girlfriend got married and promptly got knocked up. By her husband.
  • I quit my job (again), this time to take the frightening plunge into the world of self-employment.
  • I met a slew of progressively sexier and more brilliant women. It seems my dating quality continued to improve, which didn’t exactly give me great impetus to settle down. Even so, I managed not one, but two (and maybe three) stints of genuine, heartfelt monogamy.
  • Yet another avuncular relative, this time my Aunt Putin, passed away.
  • My sitar playing, squash game, new book and my quest for a six-pack stomach all failed to progress.
  • I traveled to India, Trinidad (twice) and to the USA several times. Yes, I’m slowing down.
  • The number of trolls on this site increased –which is to be expected as the site’s popularity also increased. But the sad result was the institution of posting rules and formal moderation.
  • The quality of network television improved dramatically, taking a bite out of my free time. Luckily, the advent of streaming online TV has proven to be my saviour.
  • I learned to say no to both free sex and free food. Mostly.
  • I managed to not attend any weddings, including those of ex-girlfriends.
  • My evolution into stodgy old curmudgeon continued nicely.

So happy new year to all of you, especially my regular readers and commenters –D-Mack, Greenmamba, Rondi, I., Mischa, Mr. Hornbeck, Lord Vadum, Babu Phil, Sonia and all the unnamed lurkers. May Jupiter beam his glowing eye upon you. May the hoary hand of Horus smack you upside the head. May the bird of paradise fly up your skirt. May the stinky crotch bandit bypass your home. And may the fairies of funky flavour find favour in your pudding.