Kneel Before Wat… I Mean Zod

By popular demand, I will talk a little more about yesterday’s YouTube video featuring the Indian Superman.

See, back in 1987 a Bollywood producer blatantly ripped off footage from the Donner classic Superman featuring Christopher Reeve. Instead of the Last Son of Krypton arriving in Smallville, Kansas, the alien bambino is deposited in Bombay, where he grows up to be a crime-fighting, curry-eating, bhangra-dancing super-wallah. Indeed, “You will believe a movie can suck.”

Read all about it here. The film even has an IMDB entry.

Now, I’ve not yet been able to get hold of a copy of that classic film, and Zod knows I want one. Yesterday’s clip was not from the film in question; I have no idea where that one was from. But on YouTube I found the following clip which claims to be from the Donner ripoff, but I don’t think it is; Superman wasn’t supposed to be played by a fat Elvis impersonator:

There’s supposed to be a genuine clip of the 1987 masterpiece here, but I can’t get it to work.

Speaking of Indians and Superman, check out this 1940s cartoon about the “other” kind of Indian trying to steal back Manhattan, until that imperialist white oppressor, Clark Kent, stops him:

Courtesy of Darth Vadum, I leave you with the penis song.