Countdown to President Gore

As promised, here are some pics from Guyana. We begin with my brief stint as Abstinence / Faithfulness / That Voodoo Dude From Live and Let Die, for the Mashramani Parade. Yes that really is me:

We continue with this spectacular picture at the top of Kaieteur Falls, alongside Dr Karam Ramotar. This photo was taken by Dr Bill Cameron:

Do try to ignore my ever growing paunch in these photos. Trust me, it will be gone in a month. (Yes, I say that every month.) If you can manage to avert your eyes from my portly form, the rest of the photos –including embarrassing ones of me frolicking topless in my glorious adiposity– are here:

I will upload my short movies from Guyana at a later date.

Let’s switch gears for a minute, okay? It seems more likely every day that the trouble-making Bush regime is inching toward ill-advised war with Iran. EK Hornbeck sends us this disturbing bit of news about the US funding “terror groups” to sow instability in Iran.

So let’s recap, shall we? “We” need to attack the Iranians because they might one day cause trouble in “our” backyard by supporting “terrorists”. In the mean time, “we” are funding terrorists to cause trouble on their very soil. Remind me again who’s supposed to be the good guys here.

Let’s also note this bit of news, under-reported of course, from a reputable source about how the Iranians had approached no less than Dick Cheney back in 2003 with an offer to negotiate and were rebuffed! There is increasing evidence that this administration wants war and only war. No other response, action, solution –whatever incorrect word you wish to use– will suffice. Why? For a number of reasons, but mostly four: (1) war is the only option with a possible outcome of complete American hegemony over Iran and its neighbours; (2) war is the only option that will permanently remove the last military threat to Israeli dominance over the region; (3) the neocons are characterised by their inability to see the world as anything other than a giant Risk game; and (4) war comes with it the juicy perks of war contracts for the vaunted military industrial complex, including huge gifts to traditional Republic sponsors.

Meanwhile, prospectors like our friend EK are watching the gold market for both cues and responses to the upcoming war. When the bombs start to fall, expect gold prices to peak and expect oil to reach $150 per barrel. When the Iranians sink the first US aircraft carrier –and, unlike the Iraqis and Taliban, they do have the capability to do this– expect all kinds of chaos to result, including renewed talk of nuclear options.

How can it all be prevented? Well, maybe the Democrats can grow some balls. How about that option? Sickeningly, both Obama and Hilary Clinton have voiced a need to keep the military option “on the table” when dealing with Iran. More cowardly election speak. Excuse me… who said that Iran needs to be “dealt with” at all? Idiot Democrats are letting the neocons set the agenda. All is lost unless a truly independent and fearless voice emerges from the wilderness. Could it be….. him?

Long time readers of this blog will note that in 2001 I predicted a President Gore in 2008, and have stubbornly stuck by that prediction, even when contrary evidence has been overwhelming. I foolishly suggested that if Gore accepted his Oscar in person, he may not run after all. I rescind that caveat because, frankly, Gore strategists are smarter than me. There’s already talk that his Oscar win has increased his electable potential.

So let me reiterate my prediction: Gore will announce his candidacy this Fall. In the mean time, let’s hope some rational voices can find the courage to say, “Another war with someone who hasn’t attacked us? Um…. no thanks.”