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Oil? Here? – deonandia

Oil? Here?

My first morning in Guyana is unlike others I’ve spent here in the past. I woke up at 6:AM and promptly went for a long run along the sea wall. This would have been unthinkable a handful of years ago, crime being what it is. Certainly, this is still a dangerous place, but measurably less so. The sea wall was populated by several similar fitness-minded individuals, and not a miscreant to be seen for miles.

For my post-run stretch, I returned to the poolside of my hotel, which is adjacent to the Russian embassy, to find a bevy of exquisite Russian beauties sunning themselves. What? In Guyana? Where am I?

The surprising news here is that Guyana is now exploring for oil. This has put her in direct
conflict with richer Suriname, who also claims the potentially rich waters. Big things might be a foot for this struggling nation.

One of our team, a physician from New Brunswick, is trying to adopt a 4-year old HIV-positive boy who’s living in a local orphanage. The boy was abandoned by his family and has been so neglected that he cannot yet speak. The adoption process is facing all the traditional bureaucratic hurdles. I will monitor developments as best I can.

Off to my first full day of work, mostly helping to strategize the nation’s new TB surveillance programme. Wheee!