God Hates Who?

Arrrgh! I’ve got the nostalgia bug and I can’t shake it! This week, as you’ve no doubt noted, my obsession is with memories of the music of my youth, specifically that of Joy Division and its successor, New Order. One of the most uncomfortable bits of this plummet through memory lane is seeing how my musical idols have so visibly aged. Ian Curtis, possibly, anticipated this and cut off his aging at 24.

Case in point, check out these two videos of New Order performing the song, “Love Vigilantes“: Look at singer Bernard Sumner in 1985, and then again in 2005. Ouch. I’m feeling old! Similarly, look at these two photos of Mancunian legend Shaun Ryder:




Ohhhh, I hope I don’t devolve so quickly or so publicly! Shaun Ryder’s physical devolution is most obvious in this cameo in the Gorillaz video for “Dare“, in which he plays a disembodied head stored in Noodle‘s closet. (Aside: the song is called “Dare” instead of “There” because of Ryder’s thick Mancunian accent):

Ryder’s decrepit largeness really comes to the fore in this live video of “Dare”, with Rosie Wilson playing the role of Noodle. (For those not in the know, the Gorillaz are a “virtual” band, and its members, including Noodle, all have fake biographies and are composite characters made up of various performers.)

In other news…

  • If you’re like me and are pissed off at the Cult of Mac, you may enjoy these parody commercials. Thanks to Sarah M.
  • Darth Vadum sends us these two amusing international condom commercials here and here.
  • The good Darth (oxymoron?) also sends us this music video called, “God Hates Fags“, which is really quite fascinating because it’s not clear that it’s satire –it is!– so you’d better read some of the back story here.

That’s enough for today, right?