Pluggy Time


Before I forget, “we” at Deonandia wish to acknowledge the 76th birthday of William Shatner earlier this week. It should be noted that, along with Carl Sagan and Bruce Lee, James T. Kirk was my boyhood hero. It is indeed ironic that Kirk supposedly died at the age of 60, while Shatner putters on in his 70s, even though Kirk has yet to be born. (‘Cause , you know, he’s from the future.)

Yes, my droogs, it’s time again for another genuine Daily Perv Link (TM). This one is about a fellow convicted of having sex with a dead deer. This is particularly poignant for me as I enjoyed a delicious venison meal earlier this week, courtesy of a friend’s uncle having shot a deer. Now I have to wonder if said hunter took liberties with said deer prior to carving it up into steaks.

Details about the miscreant and his supposed crime are here. (I say “supposed” because I question whether indeed it should be a crime to have sex with an animal carcass. I mean, we can all agree that’s a demented and disgusting act, but is it criminal?) Of course, like you, I am shocked that the fellow isn’t referred to as John Doe. HAHAHAHA

And now some random bits…

  • Regarding the politics of the movie 300, which I talked about here… From Dan Savage’s review: “George Bush is going to blow a load in his pants when he sees this movie.” Ha!
  • For those interested in Indian classical music, tabla master Zakir Hussain is playing a concert in Toronto soon with santoor master Shivkumar Sharma, at the Toronto Centre for the Arts on April 20. Tickets are $4-$55; go to ticketmaster for details.
  • Time to plug the blog of my friend Dawn who recently got married and fracked off to New Zealand with her hubby. Gotta admire that kind of guts. Hope you’re keeping the guestroom tidy for me, Dawny!
  • Time, as well, to plug my good friend Lauren’s website, which showcases her photography. You may recall that Lauren also rents out apartments in Paris. So if any of you is looking for a Parisian vacation, you know where to go.
  • I recently found this blog about Guyana. Gotta love ’em ’cause they also plugged Deonandia!
  • And since I’m in a reciprocal pluggy mood, this guy lists Deonandia as a blog he reads, so let’s send some more traffic his way.
  • Meanwhile, EK Hornbeck alerts us to this article, which essentially confirms what we discussed here earlier: that Stephane Dion will “stay above the fray” when the Conservatives inevitably come to slur him. In short, Dion is indeed Michael Dukakis, and he is dead in the water.
  • Hornbeck also alerts us to this development in Australia. To summarize: anti-abortion activists –who, unsurprisingly, overlap substantially with the pro-war, fundamentalist Christian Right– are using “fear of Islam” as a rationale now for limiting the availability of RU486, the so-called “abortion pill”. Their argument is that readily available abortions means an accelerated population decline of “true” Australians, thus giving the fast-reproducing Muslim hordes yet another numbers advantage. As EK puts it, “fear of a turbaned planet, indeed”.See, people, this is why I no longer write fiction. Real life is far more unbelievable. I couldn’t make this shit up.