Shut Up

My latest article on the MicroSoft small business site is here.

The Guyana Project website has also been updated, so do take a look!

And I’ve finally collected all my 300 photos from my 2 years in Washington, DC, and have organized them here for y’all.

In other news, Anju G sends us info about a new condom applicator. The best part is the instructional video.

Hey, I just caught the Beastie Boys on Conan O’Brien. These guys are wrinkled, gray-haired and are older than me. They’re not even Beastie Men anymore; more like Beastie Grandpas.

Meanwhile, I’m not sure if this is a Daily Perv Link (TM). But it has all the markings: a donkey, a hotel room, and a handcuffed man in a latex suit. Go forth and investigate, my droogies.