Blame The Devil. Or Clinton. Same Diff.

For those living in the Ottawa area, keep May 18th open! That evening will see the inaugural concert of the Canadian Institute for Indian Classical Music, featuring my good friend sitarist (not satirist) Adam Duncan with renowned Pandit Samir Chaterjee on tabla and Kathak dancer Kanika Thakar. Oh yeah, the emcee will be some doofus named Raywat Deonandan. So do come out and join us that evening: Alumni Auditorium at the University of Ottawa, $20 ($15 for students).

In other news, D-Mack sends us this Faux News investigation on whether the Virginia Tech shooter was in fact possessed by the devil. We kid thee not. I’m still waiting for the predictable right wing theories of how the shootings are the result of: Islam, liberals, gun control, environmentalists, feminists and, of course, Bill Clinton.

Of course, no sooner did I write that joke that I sadly found such musings here, here, here, etc. Still waiting to see how they manage to convolutely pin this on Clinton, Gore and Kerry, but I won’t be surprised when it finally happens.