The Good and the Bad

When did Swedes get so cool?

Some things that are good and bad:

  • Nuclear energy is good
  • Nuclear weapons are bad
  • Lower taxes are good
  • Flat tax is bad
  • Conservatism can be good
  • Conservative governments are bad
  • The decriminalization of abortion is good
  • Funding cuts to public reproductive health, including abortion, is bad
  • Smaller government is good
  • Privatization of basic utilities and services is bad
  • The criminalization of drug use, possession and sale is bad
  • The legalization, taxation and the control of drugs through the health and education systems is good
  • Meddling in foreign governments is bad
  • Encouraging change in foreign countries through development projects is good
  • Attaching self-serving economic riders on foreign aid is bad
  • Recognizing that foreign aid is never purely altruistic is good
  • Embracing a secular government in Canada is good
  • Refusal to recognize that Canada was nonetheless founded by Aboriginals and Christian Europeans is bad
  • A desire to address the over-litigiousness of our society is good
  • Curtailments on the right to sue are nevertheless bad
  • Combating Global Warming is good
  • Fascistic control of our lives in the name of combating Global Warming is bad
  • Criminalizing the creation of child pornography and any other materials whose production requires the direct harm of a human being is good
  • Criminalizing the viewing of such materials, and indeed the criminalizing of a human being introducing any image or thought –however foul– into his own mind, is bad
  • The desire to punish and restrain child sex predators anywhere in the world is good
  • Doing so by establishing a precedent of punishing citizens for their actions committed outside their nation’s jurisdiction is bad
  • Cowardice is bad
  • Enduring being called a coward by refusing to take part in a war of aggression is good
  • Securing your nation against physical attack is good
  • Doing so by curtailing the basic rights of citizens, to any extent, is bad
  • The right to criticize, even mock, philosophies and religions is good
  • Exercising that right just to be an asshole (you know who I’m looking at) is bad
  • Banning smoking in public, enclosed establishments is good
  • Banning smoking in private establishments and in the open air is bad
  • Banning restaurants from selling foods containing trans fats is good
  • Banning individuals from buying, cooking or consuming trans fats is bad
  • Uttering threats is bad
  • Not criminalizing the uttering of threats is good
  • Proportional representation is good
  • Gridlock caused by internally warring coalition governments is bad
  • Quentin Tarantino, Director: good
  • Quentin Tarantino, Actor: bad
  • The fact that Ray still has hair on his head: good
  • The fact that Ray now has hair on his ears: very bad