The Many Faces of Wat

I was play-wrestling with my adorable 6 year old neighbour this morning when she wriggled her way in between my ankles, remarking: “It’s good to be skinny!”

I naturally observed: “Yes, I do miss being skinny.”

To which she responded: “What are you talking about? You have lots of skin!”

So with that childishness is mind, I give you this superfantastic website sent to us by Anju: The Perception Laboratory’s Face Transformer! You upload your own photo and it gets transformed into other races and artistic styles. For example, I uploaded by basic glamour pic:

And, according to the website, this is what I would look like as a white dude:

Creepy, huh? Now this is me as an East Asian fellow:

How about me as an Afro-Caribbean fellow (this is my favourite):

It gets even weirder. This is me as a Japanese manga character:

And this is me if I had been painted by Amadeo Modigliani:

Similarly, this is me had I been painted by El Greco. (Looks like a standard Guyanese dude on the prowl):

Lastly, this is me if I were 50% chimpanzee (assuming I’m not already):