During my current trek through Florida, the contents of my medicine kit have come under scrutiny a few times. Yes, I like my vitamins. So, since there’s so much curiosity about the subject, here’s what I take every morning:

Vitamin C – antioxidant
Vitamin E – antioxidant
B-complex – energy metabolism and anti-stress
Selenium – potential prevention of certain immunological diseases
Tyrosine – anti-stress
Chromium – potential control of blood sugar levels
Zinc – immune system and prostate health
Lecithin – cardiovascular health
Calcium – hypertension control and metabolism
Magnesium – metabolism
Arginine – cardiovascular health and anti-stress
Lysine – immune system
Omega 3 – cardiovascular health
Ginseng – anti-stress
Folic acid – hypertension control
Coenzyme Q10 – energy metabolism and hypertension control

Does it all work? Who knows. Despite my complaining, I am much more healthy than most men my age, and I believe that I look it. So take that for what it’s worth. And this morning I mistakenly took Melatonin, so I expect to be asleep in a few minutes….

PS. The free wi-fi I’ve been stealing just stopped working, so this might be my last post for a day or two.