Never Say No?

My latest column over at MicroSoft is now up, titled “Never Say No?” (Updated link is here.)

Anjali sends us this curious bit. Try it:

1. Go to Google Maps
2. Click on “Get Directions”
3. For “from” enter “New York”, and for “to” enter “London”
4. Click on “Search Maps”
5. Now scroll down to #23 in the directions and have a laugh

From D-Mack comes this BBC interview with John Bolton. It really requires no set-up from me. Unless you’ve completely drained the Kool-Aid, you’ll recognize hollow neocon bluster for what it is.

I will say this about the interview: Bolton makes a throwaway comment to the effect that he’d rather live in a chaotic, desperately dangerous place with little semblance of security or services than live under the dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, however stable it might have been. I submit that that is one man’s opinion that may or may not be shared by others. But neither he nor anyone else has or had the right to make that determination for millions of Iraqis, 500 000 of whom are now dead because some arrogant Americans assumed that their values were universal ones.

This is the kind of self-serving righteous crap that makes my blood boil.