Spiders On Crack

What happens when spiders go on drugs?

Lest ye forget what I’ve been saying for the past seven years: Al Gore will run in 2008 and he will win. At last, someone agrees with me.

Now this is a disturbing story. A Princeton Constitutional scholar has been placed on the USA’s “no fly list”, apparently just because he publicly criticized George Bush’s policies. As angering and frustrating as this tale is, what is even more horrific is the airline’s quip: “We ban a lot of people from flying because [they’ve participated in peace marches].”

Auuuughh!!! In The Amerikkka of George Bush, criticism of the state and peaceful public demonstrations are now rewarded with being branded as a potential terrorist. Somewhere in Hell, Joseph McCarthy is enjoying a belly laugh in between having his liver eaten by leprous vultures. And somewhere in a cemetery in France, a headless royal corpse is chuckling, “L’Etat, c’est moi.”

Must I say it outright, though I risk being placed on a no-fly list, too? The bigger threat to American freedoms and way of life is not terrorism, but the Republican government of George W. Bush.