Just Droppin’ Off Some Feed

This weekend I drove out to Uxbridge, Ontario, to attend the surprise engagement party of Julia P and her beau, Garnet N. (EK Hornbeck and I are competing for the rights to write the first Garnet N comic book, since the dude is a born superhero). Anyway, since Uxbridge is farm country, I was eager to fit in (to avoid, you know, being beaten up). I did so by renting a monster pick-up truck in the form of one hetero-red Dodge Dakota, proud ride of rednecks the world over.

Since I had the vehicle the whole weekend, Andrew Currie and I drove it out to the airport to meet another friend for brunch. (‘Cause hicks ‘n’ rednecks all have “brunch”, don’t ya know). For the cause, Andrew adopted the persona of “Skeeter”, pictured above, and explained to passersby that we were “droppin’ off some feed.”

On a completely different note, my latest MicroSoft column is here.