What…? Deer Now?

Greetings, my droogies. I write to you from the Sea Breeze Hotel in Georgetown, Guyana, where I have arrived once again (and perhaps for the final time) to “do good”.

Two days of fever before even arriving here, and now two days of, um, gastric distress sufficiently foul to make one feel that one has spent the time as a large man’s prison bitch are enough to suck the joy out of what is otherwise yet another adventure for our enterprising young Epidemiologist.

I celebrated a break in the, um, gastric distress by allowing myself some much misses carbs: fried chicken and French fries. Mmmmm. I immediately regretted the choice. But such is life.

But let’s not wallow on matters parasitic. Instead, I offer my congratulations to Mr Adam Duncan who wowed us all with both his sitar and guitar playing Friday night at the inaugural concert of the Canadian Society for Indian Classical Music, a show for which I was the proud (and feverish) emcee.

Let us begin with today’s Daily Perv Link (TM). It seems it is no longer sufficient to get nasty with our furry friends; now it is also necessary for them to be dead. Last time it was a dead dog. This time, a dead deer. This story is particularly newsworthy because the perp bears a suspicious resemblance to my cousin Ajay. Luckily, Ajay was in Australia at the time of the crime.

EK Hornbeck sends us this NY Times extended feature on Al Gore. I tells ya: he will announce his candidacy this Fall. If he fails to be the next US President, I will refund all of your membership fees to this website. But by the looks of things, Gore seems to have bigger plans than the mere Presidency.

D-Mack sends us this list of stupid grammar mistakes. He also let’s us know about perhaps the stupidest lesson plan in history. And we wonder why American schools suck (though Canadian schools aren’t much better).

Well that’s all I got today. Internet access here is sketchy at best, so I make no promises that I can continue to blog daily for the next 10 days… but I will try!