Codeine Dreams

Here’s the score. I had a migraine, so I popped a Tylenol 3. No, scratch that. I was afraid it was going to be a massive migraine, so I popped two Tylenols 3. Not my finest decision-making moment, I’m afraid. Long story short: I am presently stoned off my ass. So please forgive the shallow nature of today’s post.

Since while I’m stoned on codeine, I can’t do anything productive, all I can do is surf random websites. I came across one particular individual calling himself Raju Abju, and his posts typically describe things that “suck”. At first, I thought Raju Abju was a genius underground comedian, but upon further codeine imbibing, I suspect he might just be an angry frat boy. You decide. Here are some samples:

Britney Spears Sucks
Madonna Sucks
Cell Phones Suck
Jennifer Lopez Sucks

You get the picture.

At the other end of the thought/content/quality scale is a remarkable blog called Polite Dissent. This fellow claims to be a family doctor and comic book fan. His great service to the world is in dissecting the medicine and science that are protrayed in mass media (comic books, TV shows and movies). I particularly like his commentary on the medicine in House, MD.

Here are some samples of his excellent work:

House Episode 23, Season 3: “The Jerk”
Amazing Spider-Man #539: A Medical Review
Picture Quiz: Batman #658

Thank you, Internet. We need never be bored again! Of course, things might not be so peachy in Iran, where bloggers now might need to register with the government!

Here‘s a follow up to the story about a Guyanese terrorist I blogged about earlier. My people can be so embarrassing sometimes. Many times. Often. Usually. Always.


One last thing… caught the latest two episodes of the new Doctor Who last week: “Human Nature” and “The Family of Blood“. David Tennant is now clearly the second best Doctor of all time (after Tom Baker, of course). This two-parter was –by Doctor Who standards– deeply emotional and moving, due entirely to Tennant’s superb acting. The babe-a-licious presence of Freema Agyeman didn’t hurt, either.

Okay gotta go pass out now and enjoy my codeine dreams….