Creepy Comment

In response to last Friday’s blog post which mentioned my wonderful five year old neighbour, Deonandia received the following creepy comment, which I disallowed from being published here:

"give me girls adress/photos" (sic)

The person posting the comment self-identified as “R R Ranjith Jayarathna”. It goes without saying that his is a disturbing and possibly criminal request. If anyone personally knows this asshole, I encourage you to either confront him or report him.

In accordance with the official policy of Deonandia, unless “Mr. Jayarathna” explains his actions pretty damn soon, I will forward his IP address to the authorities. The lesson here, as so many are slow to realize, is that once you post anything on a website, there is no such thing as anonymity, given an investigator with sufficient authority and sufficient resources; and an issue concerning child predation will certainly command such sufficiency.

For those living in Canada, an easy way to report such matters is to visit