Filler Fest

The way I blog is that I typically have 3 or 4 topics chosen days in advance, with links and arguments also saved. The problem with this method is that it assumes I’ll be in the correct mood to chart out a cogent argument when the time comes to attack a particular pre-assigned topic.

Well, today I’m not. So instead you get another “filler” link fest!

1. From Manoj comes this great video of an animal confrontation on the African savannah. If you watch it, make sure you watch the WHOLE thing:

2. From Linda GF comes this mildly amusing (hilarious to academics) video of an unusual conference presentation:

(The associated PDF is here.)

3. Ed Wong sends us info about the Bloggies, the annual blogging awards. Know of anyone you’d like to nominate?

4. Cousin Ajay sends us this very important site celebrating …um… male mammaries:

5. EK Hornbeck sends us this discussion that explores the needs of public health versus the civil libertarian mindset:

6. EK also sends us Jackie Mason‘s take on exercice:

7. Here’s a note to Rogers customer service and marketing: I’m already a customer, but a good way to lose me as a customer is to phone me every week to try and sell me new products. So stop it already!

8. Today’s Daily Perv Links (TM) are here and here. This is where I remind everyone that I am not advocating these acts, merely keeping track of them for largely epidemiological purposes. Please consult the disclaimer.

9. Lastly, here’s an animated GIF I stole off of someone’s MySpace page. It looks sooo familiar. Can someone tell me what it’s from?