Fruit Fly Cherrycaust

I would have called this post “Fruit Fly Holocaust”, but “holocaust” implies “death by fire”, whereas what we’re talking about here is “death by cherry brandy”.

See, I have a fruit fly problem. Or maybe they’re drain flies. I don’t know. The fact is that I have fruit flies buzzing about my kitchen. No, there are no bits of rotting vegetation anywhere, and I’ve bleached every exposed surface I know about. So where the little beasties are nesting is a mystery to me. (Hence my suspicion that they might be the dreaded “drain flies”.)

So after a failure to find the source of the infestation, I decided to just kill the frackers. Now, running about with a kleenex, trying to smush them all, is satisfying in the short term, but it’s not a viable longterm solution. So instead I devised the Deonandan Cherry Brandy Trap, because this time… it’s personal:

I placed a couple of centimetres of fine, sweet Guyanese cherry brandy in an otherwise empty jar, then stretched a taut piece of plastic wrap over its mouth, poking tiny holes through the plastic, just big enough to allow a fruit fly entry.

The little buggers are attracted to the scent of the brandy, find their way through the holes, but are too dumb to find their way out. They die a good death: drowned and drunk and filled to their bellies’ contentment. I awoke this morning to find a jar filled with their little corpses.

Ahhh, science.

Clash Of The TyTn, Part Deux

Well, my slow migration from Palm OS to Windows Mobile continues. Here’s the problem:

1. My years of data are all stored on Palm Desktop
2. Windows Mobile only supports MS Outlook
3. It is possible to convert Palm Desktop data to Outlook format
4. All conversion attempts so far have resulted in corrupt or incomplete data

Most of this is due to the fact that Outlook sucks as an easy to use Personal Information Manager (PIM). If only Windows Mobile could sync with Palm Desktop, then I could continued to use the latter while upgrading to the former. Anybody got any solutions?