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Kevin Leto…. You’re On My List – deonandia

Kevin Leto…. You’re On My List

The following tale is embarrassing for me to tell, as I pride myself in being a savvy and experienced online navigator.

Back in April, I purchased a used Treo smartphone off Ebay, from a fellow in France named Kevin Leto. I’ve bought and sold on Ebay many many times, hence the “auctions” item on the main menu on Deonandia. I know to take appropriate steps against being scammed, and always purchase through PayPal, one of the better online escrow services.

Leto denied receiving my payment of 146 Euros, though Paypal confirms it went through. When I confronted him with this fact, he reneged and insisted he was “confused” and that he would send the phone the next day.

Unfortunately for me, I had to go traveling the next day, and keeping track of this niggling item was not high on my list of priorities. When I returned to Ottawa earlier this week, I wasn’t too surprised to find that the phone had not in fact arrived.

“No problem,” I said to myself. “I’ll just resort to one of two foolproof insurance systems to get my money back –Ebay and PayPal.”

But no. Unlucky me. In my travels, I exceed by a handful of days the amount of time Ebay and Paypal will insure its transactions. So I’m out a lump of cash.

Some people might argue that I have no one to blame but myself, since I did not keep track of the time. I disagree. I have someone else to blame: Kevin Leto of France. It’s not a common name in that country, and this blog and its affiliates (including Farcebook) have a wide reach. So if anyone out there knows where I can find this Leto fellow, do let me know, for I so wish to speak with him. What’s a few more Euros to shell out for a plane ticket, so I can, um, take my dispute to him personally?

In other news…

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Now thisis interesting. It’s a photo collage of famous writers. Guess who made the cut? ME! I’m up there with Noam Chomsky, Isabel Allende, Isaac Asimov and… Al Gore!