Silenced By The Man!

One last day in Vancouver, and almost the best yet! As I’ve hinted in this space, I’ve been toying with some ideas about how health and environment overlap, and what this means from a public policy perspective. A grand opportunity to crystallize these thoughts arose this morning when I received a call from CBC television, asking me to go on-air to discuss the health dimensions to World Environment Day (which apparently is today). I scurried to get my thoughts together… to no avail. The segment was cancelled.

The good news is that I’m now inspired to get off my duff and write that bloody paper now.

In other news:

From Ek Hornbeck, a paper erroneously reports that Al Gore would be joining the Democratic candidates debate. Hmmm, who else think there was no such “error” involved?

Cousin Ajay sends us this story about Guyanese terrorists plotting mischief in America. Great. Guess who’s gonna get cavity searched at the airport now?

Hornbeck also points us to this article suggesting that North Africa will be the next flashpoint.

Professor Hornbeck also sends us this great list of antiwar movies. It’s notable for its prominent inclusion of one of my all-time favourites: The Americanization of Emily.

Meanwhile, the regular idiots are stoking the flames of war against…. Iran. ‘Cause, you know, two simultaneous clusterfracks in Iraq and Afghanistan aren’t enough.

Brother B. sends us this argument for why the US Congress really okayed the latest Iraq spending bill.

In a very telling development that exposes the real priorities of modern pro-business Western governments, the USA is pretty much slandering Thailand in an attempt to get that country to stop offering cheap anti-retroviral drugs to HIV patients. To quote C.S. Lewis, “For shame, Dwarf.”

Want more evidence that the 21st will be a brown century? Check out this. And this.

And here is a very telling window onto what passes for “conservatism” in Canada these days.