Hari Potta-ji

My present consulting gig is kicking my ass, so I’ve been reticent in writing anything the least bit interesting in this space. I do apologize; I’ll be back to attracting barely literate troll commenters in no time. (Yes, they still try to post here and are filtered out by the anti-troll firmware, i.e. me).

I’ll be teaching the International Health Theory course at the University of Ottawa this coming year, and met with my T.A. this morning to discuss some minutiae. His name is Arif Jinha, and he’s a fascinating fellow who will also be running in the next federal election under the NDP banner. Here is his official website.

Arif and I have one other thing in common: the sitar. He can actually play a full song, however, while I can barely pluck a string without hurting myself. Here’s a Youtube clip of Arif interpreting the Harry Potter theme song in the style of North Indian classical music: