Marvel vs DC

Like any good, single, heterosexual, male science geek growing up in North America in this era, I know and love my superhero mythology. I never really liked comic books too much, but I love the stories told within them, especially when they migrate to animation and even to live action TV shows and movies. Truth be told, I very much prefer animation to live action when it comes to this genre. Here are some basic criteria for determining whether you are a true superhero or comic book geek:

I was surfing YouTube last night when I was pleased to find a series of shorts based on those annoying “Mac vs PC” commercials. These one feature Marvel vs DC and are remarkably well done, especially for those of us sufficiently versed in the lore of those two companies. The latter ones are titled “After Hours” because they take place at a bar frequented by superheroes after a long day of crime fighting. It helps to watch them in the proper order, and it helps to know some of the background stuff, like: there’s an Ironman movie coming out soon; there’s a Magneto movie coming out soon, to be directed by the same guy who did Blade 3; the guy who directed Superman Returns was supposed to direct the last X-Men movie, etc.

Here are the links:

Marvel/DC #1
Marvel/DC #2
Marvel/DC #3
Marvel/DC #4
Marvel/DC #5 (Batman meets Spiderman)
Superman/Batman/Spiderman After Hours
Jor-El meets Uncle Ben
Superman meets Wolverine
Green Goblin meets Lex Luthor
Batman meets Ironman
Batman vs The Fantastic Four
Superman and Wolverine, part 2
More Scenes From the Superhero Bar
Party at Lex Luthor’s House
Superman’s Bundle

Here’s the guy who made it all, and here’s his YouTube page.