Quintessential Eighties Doofus


This morning I got stuck on the elevator with Quintessential 80’s Guy. You know him: polo shirt with the collars turned up, but otherwise no discerning sense of any kind of style. Now, I remember the 80’s, even somewhat fondly. But please, people, just let this particular fashion evolutionary dead end die. Just have some dignity, already. (And this coming from the keeper of the Daily Perv Link (TM) )

Then I went to get my morning coffee and was trapped in line between two skinny young white “dudes” with nasally voices, peppering their speech with ubiquitous overuse of the word “like”. What were they discussing? Indian vs Thai curries. Loudly. In front of the brown guy. I shut off my ears and sang, “na na na na na na” in my head.

Ye gods, I weep for our youth.

Speaking of weeping youth, Darth Vadum sends us this pic of some college douche posing with older douche, Karl Rove. Note the younger dude’s right hand: is that the shocker? The next logical question: is Rove meant to be the shockEE or the shockER?

For my devoted readers, those who’ve stuck by me this summer as I meandered through the banal topics of Star Trek movies, donated sperm and British kids’ books, I promise a return to greatness tomorrow. For, my droogies, tomorrow’s topic is…. PORN!