As Delicious As a Child’s Head

Sorry, nothing too deep for you today. Kinda tired. I did forget to relate to you my most recent gastronomic adventure. I and the droogies decided to indulge in Dangerous Dan‘s enormous 24 oz burger. Yes, you read that right. The burger is 1.5 lbs, and comes with 1/4 lb of cheese and 1/4 lb of bacon. The “colon clogger” platter, which I ordered, also comes with a mountain of poutine and a home made milkshake.

Courtesy of Andrew Currie, here are some pictures of the adventure…

Here’re Kevin and I, inspecting the poutine:

Here I am posing with the monster, the size of a child’s head… and just as delicious:

And here’s the outcome:

In truth, it wasn’t so bad. In fact, I went to my brother’s BBQ immediately afterwards and managed to squeeze in a couple of Polish sausages and some carrot cake.

In other news, courtesy of E.K. Hornbeck, comes convincing evidence that the End is Near.

I leave you with this sad bit of news, about Toronto’s CN Tower finally being dethroned as the world’s tallest building, after a 30 year reign. What pisses me off is that nowhere outside Canada is this fact known. So many Americans still believe the Sears Tower or the fallen World Trade Center were taller. Not so. Come to Toronto and bask in the tower’s wondrous shadow: a bit of 21st century architecture and vision, erected in the heydey of the 1970s.