Bad Bunny

Some random items today:

  • In the –what is it now?– 6 year history of the Daily Perv Link (TM), the stories have universally involved activities on the land. Well, no more, my droogies. Here be the the first comprehensive Aquatic Perv Link. Yeah, it looks fake to me, too, but you never know. You just never know.
  • The next time you watch one of those ridiculous late night American movies that portrays the military as an outfit of perfect professionals with contingency plans for every occasion, blah blah blah…. think about this story. Courtesy of Brother Bhash.
  • Here’s a nice little site on winners of the Guyana Prize for Literature.
  • Speaking of Guyana, next year’s Carifesta festival will take place in the land of my birth. So get your tickets now!
  • Haloscan informs me that previously banned commenters have been attempting to post comments to this blog. I guess they don’t understand that “your comments will be deleted without being read” doesn’t mean I read them then press delete. Rather, it means that Haloscan automatically deletes the banned comments before they even get to my mailbox. So, to whoever is writing the comments: keep trying to post, if you’d like; doesn’t really affect my life. Just seems a little psychotic, or self-hating, to me… sort of like continuing to read a blog that you clearly don’t like. Weird, man, weird.
  • Speaking of self hatred
  • Speaking of porn… here’s an article about a study in China attempting to link porn consumption with early puberty. No biological mechanism is suggested. Instead, this is the worst kind of science journalism, which seeks to conflate a series of unrelated issues by putting them in the same article. The issue of early exposure to pornographic material, which may or may not result in earlier sexual activity (as the article suggests), has no apparent linkage to early puberty, except to the extent that early puberty implies earlier sexual apetites. Bad, irresponsible journalism– or bad, irresponsible science. Not sure which one is in play here. Maybe both.
  • And let’s end off on a story that mixes poor science with today’s animal theme. Courtesy of Darth Vadum is this tale of Nepal Airlines actually sacrificing a goat to appease the aky god. I hope the plane’s engineers and pilots will have a little faith in their science and technology educations, as well, just in case the goat thing is not enough.