Blasphemy is Teh Funneh


First, a note about the Deonandia commenting policies. Do you people actually read the preamble before writing? Let me be clear once again: unless you are already known to me, no anonymous posts are permitted.

If find it interesting that the only people who wish to post anonymously, or to give fake names or email addresses, are the ones who are confrontational. If you’re so full of bluster and aggression, then surely you’d have the guts to peek out from the shadows, right? One thing I will not tolerate is cowardice.

So far I’ve been lax in not confirming the email addresses that commenters provide. No more. The pattern is unmistakable: the ones who give questionable names and emails quickly degenerate into trolls.

If you’re wondering why your posts have not been published here, it’s because: (a) you’re a banned poster, and the system automatically deleted you; (b) you did not provide a name and email address; (c) the name or email address you provided was fake; (d) you violated one of the explicitly stated content rules.

So sayeth Lord Wat.


As you all know by now, I’ve been predicting Gore 2008 since 2000. Now, Hitchens is on board. Not sure I like the company. How will Gore enter the race? Hitchens predicts it will be announced shortly after Gore wins the Nobel prize. I don’t know. But there are forces at work to suck him back into the fray.

Apollo XX

Remember the Apollo XX hoax I mentioned earlier? Well some people refuse to let it go. Now there’s a whole site dedicated to is.

Swastika Building

Apparently the US navy is going to spend half a million dollars to alter the appearance of a building that, from space, looks like a swastika. Because God forbid the US military offend anyone.

The friendly people at have a slew of good responses. Here’s a sample:

From the navy: “I’m concerned about symbolism. This is not the type of message America needs to be sending to the world.”
Fark: Not bombing the crap out of innocent civilians would be a nice symbolic improvement, too.

Andre MA: While they’re at it, there’s a suspicious building in Virginia that looks like the middle of a well-known Satanic symbol…

At this point, I’d like to remind the world that the swastika is a Hindu religious emblem having nothing to do Nazis or anything else. Hitler was the Madonna of his day: co-opting the ancient symbolism of older cultures for his own little fad.

Verizon To Block NARAL

Big news out of the US is that the phone company Verizon will block text messages from the pro-abortion group NARAL.

While some Democrat groups are charging Verizon with a rightist bias, I actually applaud the phone company’s move. First of all, they are correct in wishing to remain as neutral as possible. Their policy is that presidential campaigns from both sides of the aisle are free to send text messages about their campaigns, but a special interest group is not allowed to text about a specific political issue. This strikes me as very wise…. so long as Verizon holds true to this principle and does not turn around and grant a texting licence to an issues-based group on the other side of the aisle!

Moreover, there’s the larger question of why does ANY group get a licence to blast us with texts messages? Texting by an organization is the equivalent of telemarketers calling us at home. It simply should not be allowed for anyone.


Andoo sends us the best lolcatz site yet. This one is for you religious types. Hey, learn to take a joke.


I’ve been reading about the sexual proclivities of Bonobos. Why? ‘Cause they have a funny name, and as a result I can’t help but think about Sonny Bono and Bono Vox getting it on.

It seems Bonobos, who are humanity’s closest living relatives, are an omnisexual species, among whom lesbian activity is more common than heterosexual activity, which is marginally more common than male-male sexual activity. That our closest primate relatives would embrace such pan-sexuality is a bit of sideways evidence for the “naturalness” of homosexuality among humans.

Mind you, animal studies can be used to justify pretty much any political stance among humans. Want to argue that males should be the child rearers? Cite sea horses. Want to argue that females should rule society? Cite honey bees. Want to argue that males should be polyamorous and sit around while females do all the work? Cite lions.

And lastly…

The following is not a Daily Perv Pic, and you’ve probably seen it before. But I can’t stop laughing at the penguin with the purse: