Hamsters Is Dangerous

Why? because hamsters are innately funny, that’s why. And dangerous!

Before I forget, the week of Oct 14 is officially science education week. We at Deonandia will be honouring this hallowed time by drinking large quantities of caffeine and reading comic books. Speaking of which, last night I read all the issues of the Death of Superman, one of the most important arcs in comic book history. Despite its gravitas, I gotta say…. feh. Not the greatest graphic read I’ve ever had. Ultimate Avengers is muuuuch better.

Cousin Ajay sends us this story about a rise in Asian (read: Indian) naval power. We didn’t even know brown people could swim!

Here’s a story about an “epidemic” of teen drivers texting while driving! Okay, I’ll admit to having done so, as well, at times. But I’m good at it. All right, all right, I won’t do it anymore. Here are the fun comments from the Rotten.com forum on this topic:

From jaybegood: “You should be allowed to text as a teen only if you do it nekkid! ”
From grindbassist: “Hey man u goin 2 tha prty toniOMGOMGOMG!! therz a d00d in my windshield IMO!! “

In other news, the EU seriously considered trying to block people’s access to bomb-making information on the Internet. (At this point, Ray slaps his forehead audibly.) When are they ever going to learn? The solution to anything is never to limit access to information. Information is like water and life: it will always find a way. The more you block it, the more determined it becomes to leak out. This is especially true when the information can be reconstructed from base principles. We aren’t talking about a state secret, like who really killed Kennedy; we’re talking about basic high school physics. Besides, everything you need to know about bomb making you can learn from watching Hollywood movies or attending the School of the Americas.

Next, Spidey Patel sends us the Great Canadian Biz Wiz Quiz. I scored 9/10 and I still contest the one I missed!

Lastly, I proudly announce that I am the new owner of a Palm 755p, pictured here below. I got it on Ebay last night, so technically it is not in my possession just yet. Having been screwed on an Ebay phone deal in the past, I’m a tad antsy. But clearly, I’m not willing to give up on PalmOS just yet. My slight dalliance with Windows Mobile left me less than enthused.