Internet Stars

Remember those wonderful Marvel/DC Youtube videos I talked about a couple of weeks ago? Seems their creator is becoming quite the Internet star. His name is Michael Agrusso, and he unsurprisingly has a theatre and film background. His clips are so popular now that even the Marvel company has linked to an interview with him. Weirdly, his Wikipedia page has been deleted, but you can still access the google cache here.

The dude’s rise to geek fame reminds me of one Chris Hyatte, back in the heydey of the Internet wrestling columns. Hyatte is the godfather of a certain style of online writing, yet is only known by name by his legions of nerdly wrestling fans. I’ll admit that that Hyatte was one inspiration for my own 411 column. Every now and then, someone asks the very important question, What ever happened to Chris Hyatte?

Enough nerdliness. Here are the links to the latest Marvel/DC “After Hours” videos, courtesy of Mr Agrusso:

Part 5
Part 6