Mutual of Deonandia’s Wild Kingdom

Apparently there’s a quiz to see just how “libertarian” you are. I scored 38, which puts me well in the “sane” category.

There are some new articles over at The Podium. Go look. Now.

This Friday evening, 5pm-7pm, I will be one of a handful of scientists speaking on a “Global Health panel” at the Hospital campus of the University of Ottawa, amphitheatre B. It’s open to the public.

Here’s a happy photo of a miniature horse. So what do you use them for? Midget rodeos? I dunno.

Which brings us to today’s Daily Perv Link (TM). What’s up with these people? Do they drive around, see a dog’s ass in mid-crap or mid-pee and whisper to themselves, “Yeah, I gotta get me some of that“? I sure as heck don’t want to understand.

But, you know, same-species sex is a natural and wonderful thing. So to cleanse your thoughts of the grime left over from reading of the actions of the pervy shelter worker, here’s some natural goodness that we should not be ashamed to applaud:

Quite honestly, I cannot confirm nor deny these apes’ actions. But, to bring this post back to something resembling science, I wish to remind you of the ongoing debate over whether recreational sex is strictly a human construct. For anyone who’s ever tried swimming with a male dolphin, you know humans ain’t the only ones. (I’ll tell you my tales from Cuba if you pay for the scotch and therapist.) The real question before us is whether, in the scenes photographically recorded above, any money changed hands.