Atul Deonandan ?

Who is this handsome young man? His name is Yogesh Chotalia and he is an up-and-coming Canadian actor from the Toronto area. Why do I have a photo of him up here?

Well, back in June 2006, I reported that the Canadian TV show ReGenesis would be introducing a new minor character based on yours truly. At the time, I was told the character would be an epidemiologist named, appropriately, “Dr. Deonandan”, and that she would be a super-hot uber-babe. I rightly wondered if there was a special psychological diagnosis for someone who is physically attracted to his own fictional portrayal on TV.

Well, “Dr. Deonandan” was morphed back into a male character, and his profession was shifted from epidemiologist to infectious disease doctor. And he is no longer based just on me, but also on a friend of the creator, named “Atul”. Hence, the character’s name is “Dr. Atul Deonandan”. And he is played by the able and charming Yogesh Chotalia.

Copyrights be damned. If you’d like to see the episode featuring the dashing, brilliant and insightful Dr. Deonandan, you can download an MP4 of low quality (about 150MB) here:×06-Phantoms.mp4

Now the embarrassing part: “Dr. Deonandan” has about a minute of total air time. If you blink, you’ll miss him. And he’s not called by name at any point during the show. That bit of info is only available in the credits. Hey, how many TV characters are named after you? So stop laughing.

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