Understanding The Pro-Warriors

Allan Greenspan might have “shocked the world” when he admitted what everyone already knew —that BushCo invaded Iraq largely for oil— but, unsurprisingly, the complacent media –and the even more complacent US public– don’t care.

I recall that back in 2003 my various pro-war friends were claiming that the invasion was necessary to disarm Saddam. When no WMDs showed up, they then changed their tune to: “we” were fighting terrorists “over there” so that we wouldn’t have to fight them “over here”. Of course, that was a load of bullshit. The smarter ones knew better than to try to link Saddam to 9/11, so that path was a no go. So then they changed again to, “we toppled Saddam to save the Iraqi people.” Yes, insert rolling eyes icon here. If “saving” a people means killing 5% of their population and rendering the remaining 95% into a neolithic refugee subsistence village, then frankly I hope these folks never try to “save” me or my people.

I have yet to see a single argument for the war that hasn’t been refuted with the simplest of data. It comes down to this: what possible rationale can you provide to justify the killing of half a million people, the injury of countless thousands more, and the complete devastation of a society? What possible rationale can there be short of one alluding to an imminent threat of some sort? And surely no one has the nerve to suggest that?

With this level of disconnect from reality, one has to wonder what the mental pathology of those who cling to this pro-war myopia truly suffer from. I don’t think most are “evil”, though some certainly are. (You can read the drippage of the “evil” lot over at the Western Standard, where cries for murdering “sand niggers” is a regular occurrence.) No, I believe most sincerely believe that “we” are doing good in the Middle East, promoting democracy, freedom, etc. And while a part of me admires the nobility of the intent, a larger part detests the arrogance, naivete, and the general devaluing of non-Western life.

Finally, a good article has been written about the misdirected nature of this good intent. It is here, written by Paul Campos. His thesis reminds me of a quote I have oft relied upon to describe the problem with modern mainstream America, the thing that separates them from the rest of the world –it has to do with how to conceptualize the tragedy that was the Vietnam War. In America, that tragedy is thousands of dispossessed and disillusioned US vets returning home to question their government and their values. In the rest of the world, the tragedy is a million dead Vietnamese.

When you’re done reading the Campos article, read this interview with Seymour Hersh. just to depress yourself further.

In other news…

Older men make better lovers
. Well, nuhhh.

Curry powder is a biohazard
. Well, nuhhh.

Of course, the world is upset with Farcebook… now because the son of the Prime Minister of France was caught being a member of the group “I am too proud of my poo.” Well who isn’t?

Lastly, here’s a photo of resident Deonandia villain Darth Vadum meeting Condileeza Rice. I promised I would not mock either, and I keep my word. The meeting was in regards to this.