Today’s Daily Perv Link (TM) Pic:

And because fair is fair…

First, here’s what’s ’round the ‘Net:

  • Jon Stewart interviews that vapid gasbag Chris Matthews and puts him in his place. Some priceless quotes:

    Stewart: “I’m not trashing your book, I’m trashing your philosophy of life.”
    Matthews: “Come on Hardball.”
    Stewart: “I don’t troll.”

  • Swedish scientists say that use of Tamiflu may inadvertently create a super-resistant strain of Avian Flu. As the author of one of the Canadian government’s scientific studies on the use of Tamiflu for preventing Avian Flu, all I gotta say is…. why didn’t I think of that?


  • Blackwater follow-up: seems a plane crash that killed several US troops in Afghanistan was caused by its Blackwater pilots, whose last words were, “I swear to God, they wouldn’t pay me if they knew how much fun this was.” Need I say anymore?



  • Uncle D. sends us this article on efforts to shorten the path to a PhD. While I commend the intent, I must ask: where were these people 10 years ago when I could have used them, hmm?


In other news…

  • Remember by MicroSoft Small Business Forum posts? Well it seems my last one on “Unbusinesslike Business Cards” was one of the featured articles in the MicroSoft small business e-newsletter, and actually managed to garner the most number of click-throughs for that edition! Goes to show that one can never predict what’s going to be popular. And by “one” I mean “me”, and by “popular” I mean “clicked on and thereafter ignored.”


  • Well, thanks to Andoo, I was made aware that the Treo 755p I bought on Ebay was in fact not a GSM phone, as was falsely reported in the ad. I got my money back and instantly bought a Treo 680, and am now awaiting its delivery. But, as we have well established, I have zero luck buying smartphones online. So stay tuned.