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Yeah Yeah, I Know – deonandia

Yeah Yeah, I Know

Droogies, sorry for my absence. I’d planned all sorts of detailed posts, but the fatigue has finally run me down. You can only pull so many all-nighters before the brain begins to shut down. But fear not, I will be back to my curmudgeonly self very soon.

In the mean time….

  • Nasty Nicky B. sends us this long awaited petition to get the city of Ottawa to remove its “Support the Troops” decal from official vehicles. I’ve talked about this before. The bottom line, as the petition states, “the Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper, has stated that support for the troops means support for the war in Afghanistan and support for his government’s policies there. This makes ‘Support Our Troops’ a political statement. And political statements have no business being on public vehicles.

Regardless of how you may feel about the war or about soldiers, I think we can agree that the police has no business advertising a partisan government policy, not when citizenry requires them to act objectively on matters relating to that policy, such as policing peace demonstrations.

  • P.W. sends us this fantastic article by the brilliant Paul Krugman, about how irrational fear has hijacked US politics.


  • Here’s some incredible news: the British are testing what “appears” to be an “invisible tank”. With photo goodness! It reminds me of this:




Lastly, here’s a heads up: I’ll be giving a speech at the World AIDS Day thingy in Ottawa on November 30. Details to follow.