A Whole Lot O’ Somethin’

We begin with the following event, featuring my good buddies– the multi-talented sitarist/guitarist Adam Duncan, and the seriously gorgeous paediatrician/dancer Radha Jetty. Dec 9th, people:

Next up, here’s a pic of resident Deonandia villain Darth Vadum with global villain, Christopher Hitchens:

D-Mack sends us this story of the inevitable asshole with an iPhone. Maybe it’s time for them to licence the use of smartphones.

Today’s Word of the Day (TM) comes courtesy of E.K. Hornbeck. It is…. numpty. Okay, it’s not a real word, but whatever.

“The Other Ray” sends us this, so we can all remember how fun science was when were kids.

Neil K. alerts us to this trend: the Israeli army is actively recruiting in Canada. I don’t have any feeling about this one way or another. But I do wonder what the outcry would be if the Iranian army were doing the same.

And lastly, “The Other Ray” also sends us the following images to remind us of how small we really are: