Frack! I Mean, Fark!

A quick scan of brings us some delightful stories…

We begin with the story of a drunken man in Vietnam sticking his willy through a fence in order to relieve himself. Unbeknownst to him, there was a playful puppy on the other side of the fence, who saw his appearing willy as a new chew toy. From the Fark message board, this fellow is wanted for questioning:

Now, how many of you believe this story? Seems more likely that this was a potential Daily Perv Link (TM) gone thankfully awry.

Apropos of this blog is this story listing the best science fiction books for people who don’t think they like science fiction. The Fark readers respond with their own lists here.

Lastly, as I will be spending New Years in Egypt with my buddy (um, platonic, heterosexual buddy, that is) Andrew Currie, I found this photo to be particularly interesting. It’s from a 2005 National Geographic cover. Look at it, then read the caption, then look at it again: