Nearly e-Jipped

Droogies, I am minutes from boarding a flight to Egypt. My back has been spasming all week. It was almost at the point where I’d be forced to cancel my trip, as I was almost in tears a couple of days ago, lugging a light backpack on the subway in downtown Toronto; downtown Cairo would have killed me! But the miracle of chiropractic “science” has stepped in to win me some pain-free reprieve, and I am sufficienly recovered to chance this voyage to one of the finest destinations on the planet. A crap-load of cheap booze helps, too.

I’ve travelled many places in the world, but, like many, I’ve always held a secret fascination for Egypt. Not only for its storied pharaohnic history, but for its rich Islamic traditions and modern geopolitical intrigues. Yes, the pyramids capture my fancy, but I’m also excited to possibly view the tomb of Saladin, and maybe (though unlikely) climb Mt Sinai itself, and view the land of Moses stretch out to the horizon.

More likely, Andrew and I will spend every evening drunk and tempted by the local entertainment:

Well, boarding time is nearing, and the free port that I’m sucking back in the executive lounge is starting to sour. So I will end with some wry political commentary: