She’s Dead, Jim

“She’s dead, Jim.”


Benazir Bhutto has been murdered. This is a dark day for the world, as, most probably, extremist religious forces have managed to silence one of the brightest hopes for secular democracy –however corrupt– in the pivotal but troubled land of Pakistan. It seems likely that a militant group with ties to the Pakistani Taliban or even Al Qaeda was responsible, but there’s not getting around the fact that Parvez Musharraf is the one who most immediately benefits from this event. And it is certainly not unlike him to take such drastic and ill-conceived action to cling to power.

In coming days, watch for Western powers (notably the USA and UK) to push for the Pakistani elections to continue on time, despite disarray among Bhutto’s opposition PPP party –who were perhaps favoured to win power– in order to provide the legal illusion of Musharraf’s administration’s legitimacy.

In Other News…

Here’s a list of myths from Men’s Health magazine:

1. What if I did that thing I’m not supposed to…

2. Better ways to lift weights

3. Nutritional myths

On The Personal Front…

This year Xmas is tainted with a bit of tragedy. Heartfelt condolences are expressed to my cousin and his wife for the loss in their family.

And, wouldn’t you know it, I threw my back out last week! I’ve been barely mobile ever since. In fact, at this very moment I’m stoned on Robax (oh, that stuff is sweeeeet) and am awaiting my long-craved chiropractic appointment.

On Saturday, I head to Egypt with good buddy Andrew Currie. That’s right, folks: dueling blogs!

And lastly…

Here are some funny cat photos that I stole from the Internet: