Glug Glug

So, I’m on day 7 of my non-stop Stone Roses binge. For reals. I have no excuse or explanation. Just is. Doesn’t help that yob/savant singer Ian Brown, for all his airy-fair, hippy-dippy flakiness, sometimes makes a weird sort of sense.

I’m also on day 5 of my non-stop nasal irrigation binge. I tells ya, I wish I’d discovered this years ago! My days of crippling sinus headaches are now behind me. (And possibly my days of singleness are never to end, given the inherent grossness of the practice.) Hmmm, what next? How about coffee enemas? Hell, why not?

My emergency weight loss programme is in full swing. It’s not based on anything scientific or reasonable, and is probably the least healthy approach one can imagine. But I’m enjoying it. Essentially, I have a protein shake for breakfast (almond butter, soy milk, wheat germ and honey), go to the gym for an hour, where I work my lower abs to death, enjoy a HUGE lunch (but no fried foods, minimal leavened breads and no potatoes), and a tiny, miniscule dinner, usually just a bowl of plain yogurt. Oh, and during the day I drink black coffee and lots of water. And I’ve been sleeping like a newborn, 8-10 hours a night!

Man, I feel great, and I can already see my abs again. Is it sustainable? Probably not. But let’s not complain while it’s working.

In Other News,

Other Ray sends us this interesting article on teaching astronomy to blind kids.

A new report suggests that US lending companies are preying on ethnic minorities. The money quote: “The subprime lending debacle has caused the greatest loss of wealth to people of colour in modern U.S. history.”

Cousin Ajay, ever the perv (love that boy), sends us a way to pick knickers for models.

And whatever you do, don’t miss the Indian condom song!