Grateful In 2007

Regular Deonandians will know that my first post of each year is usually a
personal one, in which I list the things in the previous year for which I
am most grateful. This year's inaugural post is a tad different as I am
writing it on my pda at 2am in a hotel room in Cairo, gradually becoming
more stoned on fine, fine back medication.

So let's begin. The top 5 things from 2007 for which I am most grateful:

5. In 2007 the gamble I took in 2006, of starting my own full time
consulting firm, finally paid dividends. I am now comfortably
self-employed, loving each day of work, though I have to find a way to
balance in my exercise and nutrition schedules!

4. In 2007 I taught my first ever complete university classes, at the
University of Ottawa: international health theory (which is still ongoing)
and research methods. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed teaching and by
how much I actually like my students (some of whom, I fear, are reading
this post!) I suspect university teaching will grow into an increasingly
important part of my life.

3. In 2007 I got to know better all the children in my life, from cousins
to neighbours to the children of friends. As I enter middle age, it only
now dawns on me how important children are to my own happiness, and I am
grateful for that revelation.

2. In 2007, I continued to meet and enjoy the romantic ministrations of
remarkable women from all walks of life. I even found time to enjoy two
monogamous relationships (yb and dh). Both, I fear, were not good long
term matches for me, but both shall remain in my heart for the duration of
my life, alongside the great loves whose affections I will always be
grateful for .

1. While others lost loved ones in 2007, I remain blessed to have all of my
immediate family stile hale and healthy. I know such a circumstance is not
sustainable, but I remain thankful for it while it lasts.

Here's hoping 2008 turns sorrow into joy, and joy into ecstasy, for all of