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Linkapalooza – deonandia


How could I make up this title? “General Butt Naked confesses to nude killings”

For my single female friends, here’s a video featuring the perfect date.

The other Ray sends us video of amazing sea creatures.

Here’s an important link about students groveling for marks, an issue prominent in my mind these days.

Nasty Nicky B sends us this very important movement by Amnesty International to protect bloggers!

Darth Vadum sends us this very geeky comedy sketch about websites.

Cousin Ajay sends us the USC application form.

Long time readers know of my penchant for large hamburgers. Check out this monster.

Andoo sends us these amazing ice sculptures.

Last but surely not least, my very cool grade 9 English teacher, Harold Lass, has entered the land of authorship, with his first book, Echoes of the Holocaust: