Red Rain! Red Rain!

I know, I know, the obsession does not end. But I thought some of you might be interested in this, the inclusion of a Stone Roses song in one of the “bonus tracks” of the video game, Guitar Hero 3. This is relevant, not just because of my Roses obsession, but because it’s the only GH bonus track that’s a cover, and not the original. Why? Because the Roses were too cool to let a gaming company merchandise their song. Here’s the screen capture:

Speaking of things computer-y, check out the AFS Trinity “extreme hybrid” SUV, set to revolutionize the world of eco-friendly driving.

And speaking of ecological issues, a new study suggests that “rich countries” may “owe” poorer countries something of the order of $1.8 billion as compensation for the damage done to the environment by industrial processes. Read about it here.

With Virgin about to launch it’s commercial sub-orbital space flight service next year, far-seeing prospectors are already lining up to speculate on lunar real estate. So, the question is asked, Who owns the Moon? Personally, I would like to see the Moon treated like Antarctica: owned by no person or nation, and administered by an international body.

And speaking of things celestial, there is an intriguing theory that “red meteoric rain” that occasionally falls to Earth, may in fact contain microscopic alien life.