Videos and Stolen Crap

Above is the rather crappy postscript to an otherwise trippy voyage to Egypt. This is a photo of my suitcase, with a gash either accidentally ripped in its side, or intentionally slit. I suspect the latter because the only item missing from it is a very small leather pouch containing the only items of value I purchased in Egypt: about $50 worth of jewellery. Not a big deal, but it does suck.

Speaking of sucking, I’ve started to upload some of the small video clips I took in Egypt. Here’s a clip of a truly sucky comedy bit, our version of the Amazing Carnak performing in the actual Temple of Karnak. (It’s sucky because of my camera work, not because of Andrew’s comedy performance.)

Here are the links to a few of the other uploaded videos. Many many more are forthcoming:

Luxor Call To Prayer
Felucca on the Nile, part 1
Felucca on the Nile, part 2
Quran Drive
Valley of the Kings
Train to Luxor
Tomb of Tuthmosis III
Tomb of Queen Hetepheres
Top of Cheops
Khan al-Khalili
Penetrating the Great Pyramid of Cheops
In the Burial Chamber of Cheops 1
In the Burial Chamber of Cheops 2
In the Burial Chamber of Cheops 3
Ankh in Luxor 1 (don’t ask)

Here’s the video of us climbing the long shaft inside the Great Pyramid of Cheops. (The one called “Penetrating the Great Pyramid of Cheops” in the list above.) It ends with Andrew mocking my use of the word “wonderfullest.”

The followig is not our video. This was taken by some random person, but it shows the inside of the Red Pyramid, a site I had intended to visit on my last day in Egypt, but was unable to, due to illness. See, most tourists don’t even know it’s there, so supposedly one can have some good alone time within this marvel, which is only a little bit smaller than the Great Pyramids of Giza. Anyway, for a taste of what it would have been like, here’s a video I found on google: